Author: Sudha Murthy
Originally published: 2002
Rating: 4.6/5
Page count: 218
Genre: Non-Fiction
Cost for Hardcopy: ₹230
Cost for Kindle-edition: 119.50

It is a collection of fifty vignettes of the real-life incidents of Murthy, which left a profound impression on her, both in good and bad ways. These incidents, although not uncommon, are interpreted by the author in a refreshingly creative manner, which would never fail to impress the reader. The book would be an easy and fast read considering the writing style, which is very direct, but still elegant. Brevity and clarity are perhaps the trademarks of Sudha Murthy’s writing.

After reading this book, the readers will find a new way to look at life and people. This book will make them realize how small incidents can be a window of opportunity to understand the myriad nature of human beings along with their virtues and vices. At the same time, a reader can realize how each moment and the small incidents in our life can be so inspiring and enriching if we give them our attention and thought just like the writer did.

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