Why did Voldemort not realize that Harry was a Horcrux?

Why didn’t Lord Voldemort ever figure out Harry Potter was the Horcrux he didn’t intend to make, considering the connection between them that couldn’t be severed?

Yeah, good question. Voldemort sure was pretty stupid when he needed to be, wasn’t he?

He learns he has a mind connection to Harry Potter. He lures Harry to the Department of Mysteries, where he tries to possess Harry. He fails because it’s too painful to possess Harry.

So, because it’s too painful to possess Harry, suddenly Voldemort decides the connection between them has no more value? Or he thinks it’s broken?

That never made sense to me. Because of the evil genius was really all that smart, he would have done the very obvious and exploited that connection again, just to get Harry into wand reach. I mean, forget about possession.

All he wanted was Harry gone.

Instead, Voldemort seems to forget Harry can see into his mind, and for another two years, for Peter Pettigrew’s sake. Did he get amnesia of Harry’s fifth year or something?

Nor does he, as the question implies, ever stop to wonder WHY is there a connection between him and Harry that opened of its own accord, with no conjuring on Voldemort’s part.

I hate when I can’t come up with anything better than Plot Convenience. It makes me feel so duped.

I want to take every book I bought and rip them to shreds, page by page. mental

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