Who is your favorite female character from Harry Potter?

If you love this series and know it by heart, you will know why I have written it.

Hermione? No!…Ginny?...are you kidding me?!!…Minerva?… Not even her!

You must be thinking that I have gone mad :)

Though I love them…but my favourite female characters would always remain TONKS and Luna and Narcissa. Yeah, you read it right! Narcissa Irritating Malfoy! And here are the reasons!!


Tonks was a half-blood and she was sorted in the Hufflepuff during her years. She was a Metamorphmagus. Tonks often go unappreciated and I really don’t know why! She married a man who was not only much elder to her but was also a werewolf. She never feared for her future…she never feared what will happen to her if she married Remus. She loved him from the heart. Harry Potter was nobody to her, but she treated him like her son. She was always there to protect Harry. Almost all the females who loved Harry knew him personally. But Tonks? She didn’t know Harry well but loved him as an aunt would. She never cared for herself. She decided to help Harry and protect him from the death eaters even when it meant risking her own parents and baby. Her house was also damaged and till the last moment, she fought for Harry Potter, leaving Teddy an orphan. If she would have wanted, she could have abandoned everyone in the battle…but..she didn’t! Not even for Teddy. My heart cried out when she died. This woman didn’t get the opportunity to see her baby grow!

The most annoying thing is, Harry didn’t even see Tonks when he used the resurrecting stone!! She did so much…she deserves respect.

Everyone praises Fleur, Molly, and Minerva…but none of them would have risked the life of their only child! I truly admire her courage! She taught me the real meaning of SELFLESSNESS.

Luna Lovegood

She didn’t have friends! She was always ridiculed and nobody liked her. But did she get depressed? Did she lose her originality? No…she didn’t! She was the only one who believed in Harry with the thestrals. She was kind and generous. She was a compassionate soul. She never got disheartened when someone hated her. She was beautiful with brains. I almost cried at that part where the trio went to her house and saw their portraits in her room. She valued friends and knew the importance of them. According to fanfiction, when she was getting married, Harry asked her why had she left the front row empty. Hearing this, she nodded and said “So that Sirius, Tonks, Lupin, Lily, James, Moody, and Fred can see my marriage. They are in my heart, Harry!”

This girl taught me never to lose my originality even in the toughest circumstances.

Though weird, she would always remain my favourite! A true Ravenclaw I would say!

Narcissa Malfoy

She was a mother not to be reckoned with. She betrayed her husband and the Dark Lord because they both had put Draco into trouble. Without her contribution, The boy who lived would have been, The Boy who Died!! She saved Harry from the dark lord. She saved his life. Though she knew that Harry was still breathing, she said he was dead. Her only words were “Is he alive?” She risked her life for Draco and saved her husband’s enemy. She saw in Harry what Draco could be if not for his father!

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