Which pure blood family was amazingly dark yet lovable in the Harry Potter series?

Do you want me to say the Malfoy family? I can’t. And I don’t consider any “dark” family, meaning one who is into the dark arts, who turned out to be “lovable”, because lovable is the Weasley family. Purebloods, to be sure, a little short on money, but their home is warm and welcoming, and I’m ready to go there and have one of Molly’s good dinners. They are lovable.

Edit: I changed my mind! But I have to run, so bear with this for a bit….

And I know people are thinking, Draco, he’s so yummy and his mum is truly kind, she saved Harry by lying for him, and yeah even Draco lied to hide Harry from death, but I don’t feel like they are a warm and loving family. They come off as cold and ruthless and purebloods, and proud of it. So, who’s left?

The Black family. Sirius is endearing, warm, affectionate, fun, and what dog isn’t lovable? Well, okay, a large black dog pursuing a young Harry Potter isn’t lovable, but Sirius was misunderstood as a dog. Once you get to know him, Sirius Black is warm and fuzzy, um, furry. Sirius is one of my favorite Harry Potter characters, and he hails from a pureblood family.

Yes, there is that terrible portrait of Mrs. Black in the entrance hall of the rather dim, dark, and dingy 12 Grimmauld Place, and Walburga Black loves to yell at visitors. Screams at them, really, so she must have been a real piece of work in her day. Here she is in all her glory….

The moth eaten velvet curtains Harry had passed earlier had flown apart but there was no door behind them. For a split second, Harry thought he was looking through a window, a window behind which an old woman in a black cap was screaming and screaming as though she were being tortured — then he realized is was simply a life-size portrait, but the most realistic, and the most unpleasant, he had ever seen in his life. The old woman was drooling, her eyes were rolling, the yellowing skin of her face stretched taut as she screamed, and all along the hall behind them, the other portraits awoke and began to yell too, as that Harry actually screwed up his eyes at the noise and clapped his hands over his ears. Lupin and Mrs. Weasley darted forward and tried to tug the curtains shut over the old woman, but they would not close and she screeched louder than ever, brandishing clawed hands as though trying to tear at their faces. “Filth! Scum! By-products of dirt and vileness! Half-breeds, mutants, freaks, begone from this place! How dare you befoul the house of my fathers —”…. ….”Shut up you horrible old hag, shut UP!” he (Sirius) roared, seizing the curtain Mrs. Weasley had abandoned. The old woman’s face blanched. “Yoooou!” she howled, her eyes popping at the sight of the man. “Blood traitor, abomination, shame of my flesh!”…. ….”Hello Harry,” he (Sirius) said grimly. “I see you’ve met my mother.”

Mrs. Black would be a bit much, and I see why Sirius left home at sixteen and lived with James Potter, but really, she’s dead, and there must be a way to remove her portrait or silence her forever. Some spell. And you can tell being pure-blood family matters very much to old Mrs. Black. But, she’s gone! I’m writing her off, and I don’t see Mr. Black anywhere in that home, so I’d focus on Regulus.

I know he was a Death Eater, and this is a “dark” family, but Regulus actually loved his house-elf so much, that when Voldemort used poor Kreacher to drink the poisonous potion to humans (not house-elf though it did affect the poor thing), that potion he concocted for the basin in the middle of the dark lake, Regulus went to the lake himself. He wanted to see what Voldemort had done to poor Kreacher, and he found one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, because this time, Regulus drank that potion, and it seems as though it cost him his life.

Regulus Black never had the opportunity to destroy the locket, and possession of it fell to Kreacher. So, Regulus did the right thing, dying whilst doing it, which makes me like him so much more! I wonder how Sirius would feel about his older brother being a hero of sorts?

After all this Black family drama, I have just changed my mind. The truly awesome, lovable pureblood family I would choose are the Weasleys. Always. They embody love. I’m trying to turn the Back family into something they never were nor could be. I can’t believe it…I’m finally over my crush on Sirius!! Move over Molly, because I think your family is perfect and I love your sons!! Watch out, George!! Or Charlie?

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