When Narcissa Malfoy asked Harry if Draco was alive, why did she assume that he would have idea abou

What made Narcissa Malfoy put her complete trust in Harry Potter to believe him when he told her Draco was still alive in that instant when she checked Harry to see if he was alive in the Forbidden Forest?

Ever the master tactician, Narcissa could see Harry was in no position to even think about lying, particularly when he couldn’t possibly know who was approaching him and certainly wasn’t expecting the question.

Hands, softer than he had been expecting, touched Harry’s face… …and felt his heart. He could hear the woman’s fast breathing… He knew that she could feel the steady pounding of life against his ribs. “Is Draco alive? Is he in the castle?” (Narcissa) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling

It would probably accurate to say Narcissa didn’t know anything for sure; she was just very good at following her instincts (you weren’t the only one who’s guesses were usually right, Albus.)

Why else would she have been so willing to go behind Lord Voldemort’s back and ask Severus Snape to protect Draco two years prior?

Cissy was nobody’s fool, least of all Voldemort’s. She had recognized long ago what her peers and enemies had been afraid to admit up to that point; that Voldemort had lost his all of his sanity and most of his senses.

That added up to a failed cause and Narcissa was never one to be on the losing sideline when the clock ticked down to zero.

Narcissa had seen that in the death race between Harry and Voldemort, Harry was ahead by a number of lengths and had been for some time. She probably recognized that by Harry surviving yet another attempt on his life, that the writing was on the wall for Voldemort.

Ever the tactician, Narcissa’s parachute had long been properly packed for the moment when she needed to bail out on the Dark Lord. That moment showed itself when Voldemort painfully prodded her to check Harry’s pulse to see if he was dead.

How did Narcissa know Harry was telling her the truth?

She had her own piece of magic that exceeded even Dumbledore’s Legilimency or Snape’s Occlumency.

Narcissa simply followed a mother’s intution.

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