What things would you like the Harry Potter fans who have only watched the movies to know?

It was not Neville who gave Harry gillyweed on his way to the 2nd task of Triwizard Tournament. It was Dobby who stole it from Snape’s office.
There were 2 chosen one’s… Although it was revealed in the movies, it was not explained in detail that Neville to could have been the chosen one.
It was Cho Chang’s friend Marietta Edgecombe who revealed about Dumbledore’s Army to Umbridge and not Cho herself
It was not Professor McGonnagal who told Hermione about the Chamber of Secrets…Professor Binns, their History of Magic teacher told them about it during a class.
Harry got his Firebolt in the mid session of his 3rd Year and not at its end.
As per the Ministry Of Magic guidelines, it is not permitted to interact with their past selves while back in time using a Time Turner. But in the movie, Harry is seen throwing stones at his past self
In the book when Snape calls Hermione an “insufferable know-it-all,” Ron defends Hermione, yet in the movie Ron agrees with Snape’s comment.
The Marauders ( James,Peter and Sirius -excluding Lupin who was a werewolf) were unregistered Animagi’s at a very young age. They also created the Marauder’s Map.
Voldemort was not able to love anyone due to the after-effects of his mother using it to marry Tom Riddle Sr.
In the Philosphers Stone, Snape had put up a riddle along with 7 potions with one of them letting them go further.. This was not shown in the movies
The golden trio had met Neville parents who had suffered a memory loss and also Gilderoy Lockhart who had still not forgotten his habit of giving autographs
Ginny Weasley was not as the movies showed her as a fearful girl having a celebrity crush on Harry. She was a brave fearless girl who had a hell lot of nerve.
There was a poltergeist named Peeves in Hogwarts who wouldn’t let anyone pass without sort of disturbing them . This deserves a mention “We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter's the one. And Voldy's gone mouldy, so now let's have fun.”
Voldemort was a cruel red eyed piercing cold voiced man who had not mercy on anyone and not a dashing gentleman
Dumbledore was like a grandfather figure to Harry who didnt have a short temper. He was extremely calm (much unlike the movies) and not like “ HARRY DIDJA PUTTAH NAIM IN DA GOBLAY AUF FIYAHH!” ("Harry did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire") but said it calmly knowing he wouldnt put.
There was a whole chapter regarding Vernon Dursley along with the whole Muggle Community seeing strange sights like owls and strange people wearing clothes rejoicing the victory by holding up their drinks for the Boy who Lived. That is not shown in the movie
Harry is taken to Dudley’s Birthday party because the lady whom he was left with Mrs Figg ( who become sort of important in the 5th book) has her leg broken.
There was another house elf by the name of Winky who served Barty Crouch. She was the one blamed for leaving the Death mark at the Quidditch World Cup though it was really Barty Crouch Jr. Her whole story is missing in the movies.
Hermione found the Society for Promotion of Elfish Welfare in her 4th year after seeing the cruelty towards Winky. She tried to make it successful and even missed her meals because those were made by house elves
The trio also went to Deathday Party or the birthday of Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington where Harry first heard the Basilisk.
When Ron and Harry were locked up in the Malfoy Manor, Peter Pettigrew goes to strangle Harry with a silver hand given to him by Voldemort, but hesitates after Harry notes that Peter owes him his life. This hand turns back and strangles Wormtail himself.
The Half Blood Prince. The trio spent a long time searching for his identity after Harry got his book from the class cupboard. This book helped Harry through whole of his 6th year potions classes and taught him the deadly Sectumsempra spell which he used on Malfoy.
The whole story of James and his deerly friends (I wrote it wrong intentionally :wink: ) bullying Severus Snape is shown in the movies portraying him as a bad character. Although his character is not yet justified to be good or bad yet he wasnt as bad as the movies portrayed.
Ron did not use his movish phrase “Bloody Hell” in the books. It is only showed in the movies
A whole part of obstacles of the 3rd task in the Triwizard Tournament is not present in the movies, about how Harry passed riddles and many other creatures.
The story of Dumbledore having his best friend Grindelwald towards the aim of Greater Good is not portrayed in the movie. As to how Ariana died after the tri-duel between Aberforth-Albus-Grindelwald is completely missed.
Harry gave all of his Triwizard winnings as of 1000 Galleons to the Weasley twins to start up their joke shop.

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