What is the worst decision any of the Harry Potter characters ever made?

What were the worst possible decisions made by key personalities in the Harry Potter saga?

Golly gee, there’s so many. It’s really a wonder the good guys actually won out in the end.

Some have been talked to death, ad nauseam, such as Voldemort trying to take out Harry Potter himself for seven years, Albus Dumbledore not sharing his knowledge about the Horcruxes, and Severus Snape delivering Trelawney’s Prophecy to Voldemort, so, let’s take a look at some other major and semi-major players and the choices they made.

We’ll touch on Voldemort, Dumbledore, and Snape, as well, but let’s spotlight some less discussed character choices.

Remus doesn’t tell Dumbledore that Sirius Black is an Animagus

Remus was ashamed for running around with James, Sirius, and Peter in their Animagus forms fifteen years earlier, so he kept this little tidbit from Dumbledore before Remus began to suspect Sirius might be innocent.

Shame? Harry’s life is in danger, Remus thinks Sirius murdered James and Lily, and shame of something done as a teenager, that didn’t even ever harm anyone, is what keeps Remus from speaking up?

Wasn’t Remus supposed to be the mature one of the Marauders?

Harry Potter doesn’t use the two-way mirrors Sirius gave him

Sirius gave Harry a package and told him to use it if Professor Snape gave Harry a hard time, to which Harry decides to never use it, in order to keep Sirius safe and snug, holed up at 12 Grimmauld Place.

That didn’t quite work out the way it was supposed, to did it…

Hermione steals potions ingredients from Snape

Hermione decided it was a good idea to steal those ingredients because there was absolutely no other way to make Polyjuice Potion or find out if Draco Malfoy was the Heir to Slytherin.

Ultimately, stealing those ingredients didn’t make anyone any safer or get them any closer to finding out who let the Basilisk loose at Hogwarts.

I guess that just proves there’s more than one reason — other than it just being wrong — that stealing is a bad idea.

Ron leaves Harry and Hermione high and dry

Not completely Ron’s fault, because the Horcrux that was Slytherin’s Locket was bringing him down, and he was also recovering from Hermione splinching him, and they were hungry and confused on top of it all, but it was still a poor move.

He’s given too much grief for this, because everything else Ron did in seven years clearly outweighs his one major error in judgement — which led to no harm to Harry or Hermione, anyway — but it was still a dumb decision.

Horace Slughorn doesn’t just give Dumbledore his memory of Tom Riddle

The most brilliant student in the history of Hogwarts grows up to wreak havoc on the wizarding world, and Professor Slughorn thought he had something to do with it.

So, he ran around hiding from Dumbledore and Voldemort because Slughorn didn’t want to face the music.

Suck it up, Horace! It was a cowardly thing to keep it from Dumbledore for forty years to begin with, let alone when Albus finally got around to asking about it.

Dumbledore doesn’t just ask nicely for Slughorn’s memory of Tom Riddle

Why didn’t Professor Dumbledore just ask Slughorn to be honest about what he knew of Tom Riddle, instead of trying to steal the memory because he didn’t think Slughorn would cop to it? Distrust much, Albus?

Please don’t give me, “Maybe he did.”

Obtaining information in a straight-forward fashion was never part of Dumbledore’s DNA. He assumed the worst from everyone; otherwise he would have brought more people in on what was going on at Hogwarts, and how he planned to defeat Voldemort.

Interesting general outlook on life from someone who was always preaching that love is the most powerful form of magic.

Voldemort doesn’t assign Harry to someone else

How arrogant are we going to be, Tom? When are you going to figure out that Harry keeps getting away from you and maybe it’s time to give Yaxley or Dolohov an order to take care of Harry?

This nonsense is why you’ll never make any Top Ten Most Terrifying Villains lists.

Because behind closed doors in the magical world, wizards were laughing at the fact that a mediocre kid wizard at Hogwarts kept getting over on you.

Lucius Malfoy gives away Tom Riddle’s Diary

Sure, Lucius didn’t know the diary was a Horcrux, and therefore, tethered Voldemort to life. But, Lucius clearly had some clue as to what the diary’s power was, otherwise, why would Voldemort have given it to his keeping?

Not to mention, it would have been of immense value to some other dark wizard somewhere, even if Voldemort never returned.

Lucius’ motivation for dropping it in Ginny Weasley’s book bag was a fear the Ministry was going to drop in for a surprise home inspection searching for dark magical objects, but, so, then just go put in your vault at Gringott’s, Lucius.

Those goblins don’t play nicely with anyone, not even the Ministry.

Voldemort doesn’t order Snape to hand over Harry Potter

Every year, there were a number of times per term when the kids at Hogwarts got to go to Hogsmeade, basically unsupervised. There were also annual visits to Diagon Alley, and yearly rides on the Hogwarts Express.

Plenty of opportunities, when Harry was out from under the watchful eye or protection of Albus Dumbledore, for Voldemort to just say, “If you are truly so loyal, Severus, deliver this boy to me.”

James Potter chooses Wormtail as Secret Keeper

It’s only clever if it works, guys. Otherwise, it’s stupid. Tragically stupid.

And have your wand ready, you idiot. We’re talking about the most powerful evil wizard who ever lived. You know, the guy who is so terrifying, no one will say his name out loud?

Don’t worry, Lily, the Fidelius Charm is supposed to be unbreakable.”

Yeah? Well, I would think, if anyone’s going to figure out how to break through the Fidelius Charm it’s going to be that evilest of wizards everyone’s afraid of.

Lily Potter agrees to use Wormtail as Secret Keeper

Are you kidding me, Lily? After Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard who ever lived, and the wizarding world’s only hope in the war against Voldemort (before Harry happened along) offered to be Secret Keeper?

Oh, we don’t want to bother such a busy man as Dumbledore. He has far more important things to do than protect our only son, whom the Dark Lord is hunting down because he thinks Harry will destroy him when he grows up.”

Really? How about, “You’ve got about 30 seconds to send a Patronus to tell Professor Dumbledore he’s our Secret Keeper, or I’m sending an owl for Severus Snape.”

Bellatrix Lestrange decides to attack Ginny Weasley

Sucks to be you, Bella. Should have listened to Dumbledore when you were still back at Hogwarts, on those days he was on his soapbox about how love conquers all.

The interesting thing here is, this was the only other time we might say that the magic of love was invoked to save someone’s life.

Because there’s no way a housewife who spent more time scolding twin troublemakers than practicing her Defense Against the Dark Arts should have stood a chance against the most powerful dark witch of her time.

I guess one, “Not my daughter, you Bitch!” is equal to three, “Not Harry’s”.

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