What if Snape was waiting for Harry at the “afterlife in your mind train station” instead of Albus?

Snape would have beaten Harry there by an hour. Snape might be busy acclimating himself to heaven, and he’d not take lightly to Harry’s existential dilemma on whether to stay or go. I could hear Snape’s slow voice, “Potter, of all the people sent to welcome you, why didn’t you seek Dumbledore? He was just showing me around the place. And besides, you have a choice. I, however, do not. I’m stuck here.”

Harry would have thought he landed in hell. Okay, maybe not. But seeing a good Snape in the Pensieve is one thing, but having the man pop up in his afterlife would be rather…disconcerting. Would Harry apologize? Would Snape be the one to say sorry that he loved his mom when it became an obsession? Who would start talking?

What would they say to each other after all the miserable moments spent in one another’s company?” Hey Snape, it’s cool that I missed so many Quidditch games cause of you.” “And way to go giving Draco the seeker spot, just for all those super expensive brooms. No hard feelings, even though I loved, well, I still love the game, so yeah I’m not feeling forgiving at the moment?”

And I can hear Snape right now. “Just where am I, Potter? This is your party, as they say. Please enlighten me.” And Harry, not used to liking Snape would retort, “Can’t you just use legilimency? You know you love crawling inside my head.” Then they’d both burst out laughing? No. Hardly.

But it would be hysterically awkward. As in of all the people Harry could meet up in limbo or almost heaven, it would have to be Snape. They wouldn’t know how to talk as good people on the same side. Can you imagine? “Sorry, Snape. You didn’t realize the Elder Wand answers to me now, and so here you are!” “Damn, Potter, why didn’t you kill Nagini, so I could still be alive?”

Poor Snape too! “Wasn’t it embarrassing enough that I showed you my memories, just so you could die? Why talk to me about your… issues? Who really cares if you stay? And they don’t really need you down there or over there. Hell, I don’t even know where “they” are! I just got here, damn it, I’m swearing so now I’ll be going to hell, so thanks for that! Potter! Come back here! I’m blaming you for going to hell! Damnit Potter!”

“Snape! Where is your greasy hair?” “Potter, it’s heaven. I’m off to find Lily!”

Of course, Harry would go straight back. He’d be back faster than Voldemort even managed. Maybe Harry would be able to kill Voldemort at that moment. Who knows what would have changed “down there” if Harry and Snape had met up when Harry faux died. I think Dumbledore had time to feel good about dying. Snape was new to the experience, so he wouldn’t be able to help. Poor Snape. Harry wouldn’t be able to let him rest In peace.

Actually, I'd love to see a blooper reel of Harry and Snape meeting up in limbo or wherever they are. The King’s Cross Station in heaven. I’d seriously watch that awkward scene.

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