What are some of your biggest questions about Harry Potter?

It is a question for you!

No one ever pays any attention to this.

In the third book, Fred and George tell Harry that in their first year, they set off a Dungbomb which annoyed Filch, so he hauled them to his office. There, they spotted the Marauder’s Map; a map that showed every detail of Hogwarts. They nicked it and used it for the next five years.

Many people ask why Fred and George never saw Ron sleeping with a stranger called Peter Pettigrew, but that’s not my question. My question is that how the hell did Fred and George know how to open the map?

Either in Filch’s office, the map had been left, and it had been completely blank, like it goes when you tap it and say ‘mischief managed’. But there could’ve been no way that the twins actually knew how to open and then make it go blank again.

The other scenario is that the map was in map mode, not disguised as a spare piece of parchment. But again, how did Fred and George know how to work the map? We know they were in their first year and didn't know any complex magic.

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