Updated: Jul 14, 2020

So its my second blog and I would love to start it with my own poem!? That has too my memories attached. I have several things going down in my mind so rather writing it on pen and paper I like to write it on a platform that will always be with me. So read it and find out the message. I know it's a bit long but read!

It was night,

I had a moment of fright,

In the dim light,

I saw something coloured white,

Then I realized, I forgot to turn off the light!

Then it was morning,

I heard my mother calling!

I took my brush holding tight

Opening the tap towards the right,

But alas the water disappeared out of my sight!

I got mad,

My friends were sad,

We should have listened to the water conservation ad!

Then suddenly

Drip drop, drip drop;

A drop of water finally came to my hand

And whispered something like that:-

“I was a cloud,

The heat of the sun made me big strong and proud.

Then one day when the thunder was too loud

From the cloud,

I came to help the crowd.

While going up back I stopped at night

To guide the earth’s people what was right:

The leaky tap drips day and night.

Just fix it right or shut it tight,

It seems the earth with water abounds

But thinks it’s every drop that really counts.

The tap is on, you brush your teeth,

The water flows, you soap your feet

Just think of all the water lost!!!

To close the tap, what does it cost?

The water bottle you take to school,

The water in it is nice and cool,

You drink a bit, the rest you throw,

The water could help a plant grow.

So, save water,

And do your part,

It’s not a game,

Let the water last!!! ”

We discussed the speech as much as we can,

And tried our best as far as we can.

One of the crews of our group

Got really impressed

And ought to save the water the way which was best.

Today he is the person, who has saved the water resources from pollution,

He took up a resolution and created the revolution.

Took a dare and helped his other crew for welfare.

The man and his thoughts have finally saved the crowd and made us proud,

His method of conservation and reservation has taught many lessons to the

Future generations!

The motto of this revolution still whispers in my ears.

And makes me feel that the drop must be saying:

“Don’t fear,

Your end is not here,

Till your friend water is still here!!”

And today on 18th December,

I remember that night when I saw something white;

And took me less time to realize that,

The person was none other than the great God might

Who today wishes me good night!

After a revolution fight!!

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