The Crow!

It was Friday, a small pale girl of 6 years was sitting on the floor continuously looking to the Nursery section of the school premises thinking she would soon be there. Then a couple of teachers came and took her pink bag to a class listed as PREP: A. The girl was thinking that’s what nursery is called these days in the new cities. The class teacher greeted her with a big smile, introduced her, and had her seated. The other kids were tall and big and talked as then she started teaching the students. She gave all the students something to write while the girl timidly sat and stared at what everybody was doing!

Then the teacher approached her and said, “What are you looking at? Why haven’t you taken out your books and copies? Others have stated doing the work! Write everything you know from the letter A and B.” The girl then realized why she was there! She took out her brand-new stationaries that her parents had packed. Sharpened the pencils tore the rapper of the eraser and started drawing sun, cloud, flower, everything she knew, and said that she had finished the work.

The teacher while taking a round around the students came looked at the work and said annoyingly, “What is this? You were supposed to write words not draw!” The girls started to weep and said in a broken voice, “I…don’t know…I only…. know…this...” The teacher gave up her temper and shouted at her, “What were you taught before? You don’t know basic alphabet? On Monday you have a test in English so start working.” She took her copy and wrote the alphabet and the words. Then it was a break, no one came to the girl. She wept the whole time and ate the food that her mother had packed.

After that, she had drawing-painting, physical education, and all the activities that didn’t involve writing. In the last period, the class teacher came again and the girl was scared again. But this time to her relief it was the “ZERO PERIOD” or you can call a free period. She called the girl gave her some papers and a tag which she was supposed to were every days. The girl took the bus and by noon she saw her mother smiling and waiting for her at the bus stoppage and she happily got down from the bus and went talking about the school well not before break incidents.

She hugged her sister and had lunch, watched television and played but she didn’t mention anything about studies or studied anything. In the evening her father came home and asked about the school she said the same things that she had told her mother and sister. Then the sister spoke, “So what did you learn today?” She had to confront this question because previously she always shared the poems and drawings that she did. The girl remembered the things and especially the scolding. The ran to her room and then returned to her parents with the books in which the teacher gave her homework and crying she told, “I don’t want to go there. The teacher scolds me and the students won’t talk because I don’t know what they know.” She threw the bag, ran to her room, and cried.

After some time her sister came to her with a bowl of noodles and turned on the aircon and television. They laughed as they watched Shin Chan and ate till they were full. Then after freshening up her sister brought the books and copies spread them and started training her to write Crow and another bunch of assignments that she was assigned. They spent the weekends studying and then it was Monday the test day. That day the girl came home took out her copy and showed everybody the star that she got and happily share the day's activities.

The girl who is mentioned here in the story is me who just wrote this 665-word description of the first day of school. My prep class teacher still tells her students that, “When you see a small girl of Jamuna house walking with a prefect badge in the school didn’t know how to write her name on her first day of school!” And this is how my story started (for me because before that I don’t remember anything!)

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