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Harry Potter Theory: Hagrid Was A Death Eater

Hello there, here is a theory that will PROVE to you that why, our dearly loved Rubeus Hagrid can be accused as a death eater.

Let's go back to this half-giant's school background. Hagrid had only had education until the 3rd year in Hogwarts, nonetheless he was EXPELLED from Hogwarts on falsely being accused by Lord Voldemort or rather Tom Riddle.

So what does this mean? He is a traitor to our protagonist from the start!

Why was he sent to rescue Harry from Voldemort? We all know that he was only a 3rd year graduate. If that is not enough, then why did he not take Dumbledore with him? That's because if Dumbledore would have followed him, he would not have been able to kill Harry! But Sirius Black was on his trail preventing him to do so.

Once again Hagrid talks about the existence of Voldemort, where he thinks he is still there. And what happens in the fourth book? Voldemort is back! And he LITERALLY just REVEALS that his TRUSTED Death Eaters did know he was alive, but did not help him at all, so is this just some coincidence?

We all know how Quirel had betrayed everyone. But why was he the first one to introduce him to Harry?

Is this just a coincidence or he wanted to kill Harry with Quirel? It failed again since there were so many other people who would be eyewitnesses.

Remember the prank he played on Dudley? He has only studied till year 3 right?

So how does he know how to do the 'Incendio' spell on our poor Dudley. He had obviously learnt it from Voldemort whether someone came to know he was a death eater and tried to kill him, it was for his self-defense. Hmm... Never thought that Voldemort would be so caring.

Again on Harry getting detention, even though Hagrid was with him, why did he take him to such a particular part of the Forbidden Forest? Why not a safer part?

And why did he leave him on reaching the most dangerous part of the forest? Then once more, the hooded figure went on to attack Harry ONLY. Not Malfoy. And why is that so?

Because it was pre-planned with Hagrid all along.

Last but not the least, Hagrid - In the second book - Must have told Aragog, the Acromantula, to kill Harry when he and Ron had gone in the Forbidden Forest again, since in the start, Aragog had said that any of Hagrid's friends are welcom, but the moment Harry revealed who he was, he was already termed dinner.

We hope you really enjoyed reading this Harry Potter Theory and we will put more blogs as the likes and support increases.

Thank you folr all the support and enjoy your day!

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