Do you think Lily Evans has more similarities with Ginny Weasley or Hermione Granger?

Lily Potter was:

  • Popular;

  • Ginger;

  • Muggleborn;

  • Magically powerful - specifically good at charms and potions;

  • Firey;

  • Loved by Slughorn;

  • Smart;

  • Strong-willed;

  • Green-eyed;

  • Very attractive;

  • Not judgemental/ befriended the outcast;

Let’s see how our contestants fit these criteria:

Hermione -

  • Popular? No.

  • Hermione isn’t popular. She’s socially awkward, stubborn, bossy, and narrow-minded.

  • Most students find her annoying and unbearable. The teacher’s pet who’s a know-it-all title never was liked.

  • Ginger? No.

  • Physical aspects, though not that important, will be the factor that unties tied situations, and if Ginny and Hermione happen to come to a tie, this will be a minus point to my verdict.

  • Muggleborn? Yes.

  • Just like physical aspects, although this may seem like a dismissive factor, should the two ladies come to a tie, this might be the tick making a ‘no’ become a ‘yes.’ Plus, the cultural background has a lot of toll on a person’s personality.

  • Magically powerful - specifically good at charms and potions? Yes.

  • There is no doubt Hermione is mighty, enchanting the D.A. coins with a Patreon (was that how you spelled it? I can’t remember… someone helps me please) charm, she jinxes the list with her charmwork ability and accomplishes many, many other things inside the classroom. Remember, she got an ‘O’ in charms and potions, so she can’t have been bad at them.

  • Firey? You could argue.

  • She certainly had personality, but I wouldn’t consider it “firey” I would just consider it strong. I consider firey someone more like Ginny, who has that defiance in her personality but also has that light imagery vibes.

  • Strong-willed? Maybe.

  • You might call it strong-will, but what Hermione is I consider stubborn.

  • Befriended the outcast? No.

  • More often than not, she was the outcast. And even when she met an outcast like herself, she was quick to judge, avoid, and discount the values of the other. Just look at how she initially treated Luna!

  • Loved by Slughorn? Yes.

Ginny -

  • Popular? Yes.

  • Very popular. Chased by boys, like Lily. Chased by the most known boy in school like Lily.

  • Ginger? Yes.

  • Gingers are known to have been teased for being, well, ginger, so this common aspect may bring their characterizations closer together.

  • Muggle-born? No.

  • Quite the opposite, Ginny is a pureblood.

  • Magically powerful - specifically good at charms and potions? Yes.

  • There is nothing in the books suggesting her ignorance or brilliance in potions, but we can assume she was at least decent. Anyways, Lily is more known for being brilliant at charms, something we know Ginny definitely is. Bat-bogey Hex anyone?

  • Firey? YES!

  • Gets angry when undervalued? When someone tries to control her? Is often compared to light imagery? Described as blazing, warm, bright? YES!!!!

  • Strong-willed? Yes.

  • She’s the girl who started sneaking into her brother’s broom shed and stealing their brooms at six to practice, you cannot say she ain’t determined!

  • Loved by Slughorn? Yep yep yipidi yep!!

  • Smart? Yes.

  • Ginny possesses lots of books smart and street smarts, but most of all she shows an extremely mature emotional intelligence. HBP anyone???

  • Very attractive? Yes.

  • Don’t think so? Read books. She is constantly described as being beautiful, attractive, etc. etc... You also have to consider that attractiveness is not only measured in beauty, but in personality, and Ginny has a more appealing personality than Hermione.

  • Not judgemental/ befriended the outcast? Yes.

  • Rember who her best friends were? Luna and Hermione. She, like Lily, was beautiful and popular, but they still chose to stick up to their best friends, even if that might have made them unpopular/less popular.

I think Ginny is more similar to Lily. Her personality is closer to Lily’s, her type of smarts are closer to Lily’s, even her appearance is closer to Lily’s! I’m sorry Hermione, but just being a smart muggle-born is not enough.

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