Do you think it was Snape's intention to swoop in and comfort/woo a would-be widowed Lily? Why or wh


He had more than one chance to step in, give Lily an overdose of Amortentia and mischief managed. Before they left Hogwarts.

He had more than one chance to Polyjuice himself into James and shag Lily while her boyfriend was gallivanting all over the countryside with Remus. Before they left Hogwarts.

But he didn't. She told him to leave her alone, and he did. A hundred points to sixteen years old Severus: when a woman says no, it means no. In 1976, quite a feat.

He would not have had to wait until she was married to have her if he had truly wanted her.

But, if he decided to get her later on for unknown reasons.

If he had wanted to make sure Lily ended up a widow, he wouldn't have gone to Dumbledore. Much less, agreed to protect them all.

He had only to request from Voldemort to be the one to kill James, such a satisfying reward. Then he would waltz in behind Voldemort and first cast Desmaius at Lily, then take her unconscious body away and do what Hermione did to her parents.

James kaputt, Harry kaputt.

From then on, Lily Evans Potter would exist no more, or remember she had a son. Lilith McSucker was convinced she was Severus' lover for as long as he wanted her to be.

Mischief managed (again).

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