Could Draco beat Hermione in a duel?

Okay, let’s see… I’m going to answer this in the good old’ logical way.

The one with the most points wins the duel. Understood?

BRAVERY: Both Hermione and Draco are very brave. Growing up with Death Eaters must have been something of a challenge to Draco, but I’ll give this one to Hermione. Draco can be a coward at a lot of times and flee from problems even when he knows what’s right. As for Hermione, she went with Harry & Ron to chase the Horcruxes even after he said no.

So point to Hermione.

KINDNESS: Hermione would definitely feel some pity in trying to kill someone else. Punching and killing just isn’t the same thing. I think she’d be too vulnerable in that case. As for Draco, he must have some more experience than her and would probably be more hard-core.

Point to Draco.

INTELLIGENCE: I think we can all agree; this one is easy. Hermione knew how to cast Alohomora at eleven years old and how to brew a Polyjuice Potion. But then again, it was from Harry's point of view. Who knows? Maybe Draco also did some wicked Potions. But I’m not going to hypothesize.

Point to Hermione.

WEAK POINTS: I give this one to Draco. Hermione has a shining weakness, and that is overthinking. She tends to rethink instead of immediate reaction, which is important in a Duel.

Point to Draco.

And it all comes down to this. A tie. Now appears the real question- who does win? Both are very skilled and have experienced combat. So this is my answer:

Hermione is better.

While Draco is also very skilled, I say Hermione is better. Draco has a tendency to stress a lot which definitely isn’t a good trait, and could give Hermione the opportunity to strike when he isn’t expecting it. Not to mention she knows a lot of spells to cast even if they aren’t necessarily violent.

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